Microsoft Edge can’t be opened using the built-in administrator account in Windows 10

Here is an interesting bit of information if you did not know it already. If you have signed in to your Windows 10 PC with the built-in administrator account, you will not be able to open Microsoft Edge browser or several other Windows apps. If you try to do it, you will receive the following message:

This app can’t open. Microsoft Edge can’t be opened using the Built-in Administrator account. Sign in with a different account and try again.

Microsoft Edge can’t be opened using the built-in administrator account

Microsoft Edge can’t be opened using the Built-in Administrator account

This is a security feature. But if you need to open Edge, when signed in with the built in admin account, for whatever reasons, here is what you need to do.

On your Windows 10 Pro, Windows 10 Enterprise or Windows 10 Education system, Run secpol.msc and navigate to the following security setting:

Local Policies/Security Options.

Here double-click on User Account Control Admin Approval Mode for the Built-in Administrator account to open its Properties box and set the policy to Enabled.

The explanation of this policy is as follows:

This policy setting controls the behavior of Admin Approval Mode for the built-in Administrator account. The options are (1) Enabled: The built-in Administrator account uses Admin Approval Mode. By default, any operation that requires elevation of privilege will prompt the user to approve the operation. (2) Disabled: (Default) The built-in Administrator account runs all applications with full administrative privilege.

Click Apply and exit.

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If you are using Windows 10 Home do the following:

Create a system restore point and then Run regedit to open the Registry Editor. Navigate to the following registry key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE \Microsoft \Windows \CurrentVersion \Policies \System

In the right pane, create a new DWORD value named FilterAdministratorToken and set its value to 0.

Also, navigate to the following key:

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SOFTWARE \Microsoft \Windows \CurrentVersion \Policies \System \UIPI

Once here, change the default REG_SZ string key from Value not set to 0x00000001(1) and exit.

Change UAC setting

You may also have to do the following:

Open Control Panel > User Accounts. Select Change User Account Control settings.

The Slider should be set to the 3rd option from the bottom.

Click the OK Button.

Restart your computer and check.

Hope this works for you.

Now take a look at this Group Policy Settings Reference Guide for Windows 10 for a wealth of information about Group Policy settings.

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