Hidden Post Explorer lets you see hidden posts in Facebook Page

If you have received some unwanted posts or something that can’t be published on your Facebook Page, what do you do? You can simply hide it from your pageand no one will be able to see it – but remember in this digital world everything is possible. ZoomSphere has come up with a tool called ‘Hidden Posts Explorer’ which can fetch all the hidden posts from a Facebook page and display them to you!

Display hidden posts on Facebook Page

Zoom Sphere

The tool Hidden Posts Explorer works for all the pages. Nothing can be kept hidden on the pages now. You can read all the posts made by people who were hidden by the Administrator or the Page Manager. To give a proof that the post is still there on Facebook, you can click the ‘Link to Original Post’ button in the top right corner of every post and you will be redirected to that same post on Facebook.

If you find a post interesting, you can view the user who made the post, you can view his/her info, wall and a little Bio. Now there is no point hiding the posts as they are easily accessible by anyone. This is a big hit to Facebook’s Privacy.

By creating this tool, ZoomSphere has put up a big challenge before Facebook. Facebook now may update their codes and continue to protect the privacy of its users but fortime being this tool is working and can reveal out a big piece of hidden information on Facebook.

Hidden Post Explorer is free of cost and runs online (doesn’t require any download). It’s a bid hole inprivacy of Facebook and indirectly in privacy of your own Facebook Page, so think twice before hiding anything.

Hidden Post Explorer

Click here to go to ‘Hidden Post Explorer’ by ZoomSphere. Try it out and let us know how it worked for you!

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