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A beautiful Waterfalls theme for your Windows 7

Here is a nice theme for your Windows 7 computer that you will definitely want to download. This theme released by Microsoft contains 10 beautiful images of waterfalls. Gurgling canyon creeks, rushing mountain streams, and cascading, terraced rivers: Waterfalls in […]

How to create and install Windows 8 themes

Windows 7 used the .themepack file extension for its themes, whereas Windows uses a new file extension .deskthemepack. While you can apply Windows 7 themes on Windows 8, Windows 8 cannot be applied on Windows 7. This is because Windows […]

Download Bing Wallpaper Pack from Microsoft

It was just a few days back, that we covered about a new download from Microsoft called Bing Desktop that pulled the Bing image of the day from its home page and automatically displayed the image as a wallpaper on […]

Download Decorated Eggs theme for Windows 7

Thirteen beautiful wallpapers displaying decorated eggs, is what you will get in this beautiful 13.7 MB download from Microsoft. If you are looking for some nice wallpapers to brighten up your day, you might want to check out this Download […]

Two Scenic Australian Landscapes & Shores Themes for Windows 7

Two wonderful themes from Microsoft for Windows 7 – one showcasing Shores, beaches and waterways and the other. beautiful scenes and landscapes from Australia. Australian Landscapes theme Photographer Ian Johnson presents a pastoral paradise in this free theme for Windows 7, with […]

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OneWorld Theme For Windows 7

We are happy to release the OneWorld Theme For Windows 7. This theme has been developed for WinVistaClub by one of our forum members tweakwindows. While you may have come across many themes for Windows 7, this one changes the […]

RSS fed dynamic themes for Windows 7 : Free Download, FAQ

Most of you may be aware of the RSS fed dynamic themes for Windows 7, that Microsoft has introduced with this iteration of the Windows operating system. These RSS based dynamic themes add new backgrounds automatically to your Windows 7 […]

Download Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol Theme For Windows 7

Watching Mission Impossible 4 – Ghost Protocol, starring Tom Cruise (as Ethan Hunt), Simon Pegg (as team-mate Benji Dunn IMF) and Paula Patton (as Jane Carter) was a delight this Christmas vacation. The story revolves around terrorist who has access […]

Download Candlelight theme for Windows 7 from Microsoft

Microsoft has released a Candlelight theme pack for Windows 7 and it is now available for download from the Windows Personalization Gallery. These serene images of candlelight evoke mystery and warmth in a variety of settings, from the coziness of […]

This new Windows 7 theme is all about Bubbles!

Yet another theme release from Microsoft. This time it’s all about beautiful bubbles! 12 high-resolution wallpapers all packed together, to make one fine theme for your Windows 7 computer! Little children are expert appreciators of bubbles, and here’s your chance to […]

Download beautiful Windows 7 Marbles theme from Microsoft

This theme for Windows 7 from Microsoft, comes with marbles of all sizes and colors! Hand-made marbles, marbles made by a glass-mill some transparent, some in solids and some in bright and aesthetic colors. These colorful marbles seem less like […]

Download free tool to create Themes for Windows Phone

While there are several ways one can customize Windows desktop operating system, when it comes to the Windows Phone mobile operating system, Windows Phone users are aware that the only way you can personalize or customize your Windows Phones theme is […]