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Anand Khanse

Anand Khanse aka HappyAndyK has been a Microsoft MVP Awardee for the 10-year period 2006-19, and an end-user Windows enthusiast. He is a Windows Insider MVP and enjoys Windows Troubleshooting, Optimization, and Customization. He is the Admin of TheWindowsClub, TheGeeksClub and WinVistaClub. He has done his MBA and operates a business which is his full-time activity. Blogging about Windows is a passion for him which he has acquired in the last 10 years or so. A family man at heart, he looks forward to traveling every year with his family to various locales around the world. You can see all his posts here. Connect with him on Twitter or Facebook.


Vasudev Gurumurthy

Vasudev Gurumurthy is a Microsoft MVP alumnus, a Technology Enthusiast at heart and a Mechanical Engineer by profession. He is interested in anything related to technology and swears by Microsoft technologies and products. Vasudev is also actively associated with various Microsoft online communities, forums, newsgroups and has been actively involved in Beta testing various Microsoft products and bug submissions. He can be found discussing technology at his blog. Catch him at @vasudevg.

Arun Kumar

Arun Kumar is a Microsoft MVP alumnus. He loves technology and likes to blogs about Microsoft products especially Windows and Internet Explorer. He is also a social media addict and runs an SEO consultancy based in Hyderabad, India. His Twitter handle is @PowercutIN.

Shiwangi Peswani


Shiwangi brings over 9 years of global writing experience. She is exposed to varied genres of technology. Her exemplary comprehension and in-depth understanding of the target subject has been appreciated and recognized by her colleagues everywhere. You can connect with her on Facebook.

Hemant Saxena

Having a post-graduate degree in Bio-Technology, Hemant Saxena is immensely interested in following Windows and other technology developments. Quiet by nature, he is also an avid Lacrosse player. Catch him on @HeMaNt8711.

Ankit Gupta

Ankit Gupta is an Engineering graduate and an MBA post graduate. He brings with himself 5 years plus global writing experience on technology, travel, finance and medical. He follows technological developments especially Microsoft. Also, he has a deep liking for wildlife and travels to various wildlife conservatories to be with nature. You can connect with him on Facebook.

Lavish Thakkar

Lavish Thakkar loves to follow up on the latest happenings in technology. He loves to try out new Windows based software and gadgets and is currently also learning JAVA. He also loves to develop new software for Windows and has developed many for TWC.

Sridhar Belide

Sridhar is a Software Engineer who loves to stay updated with developments in the world of technology. He is fond of writing everything related to Internet, Computers and Mobile and Desktop Operating Systems. You can connect with him on @bsridharbelide. He shares technology tips and tricks through his YouTube channel TechMirages

Sudip Majhi

Sudip is a student who loves to engage with the latest technology & gadgets. Apart from writing about all things technology, he is a Photoshop junkie and a football enthusiast. You can connect with him on Facebook  and @sudipmus

Digdarshan Kavia

Digdarshan aka Darry is an ever so compulsive Microsoft fanatic. Currently working as a System Engineer for India’s top software, he loves to write articles about Windows troubleshooting and how-to guides, latest news and trends in the Microsoft realm and in-depth hyper reviews of UWP apps and useful software. Solicitous by nature, he loves to help others with their Windows related problems. Being captivated by wildlife, he loves to go on random expeditions into jungles and mountains. You can connect with him on his blog and @kaviadarshan.

Paras Sidhu

Paras is a developer for TheWindowsClub. He is a VB.NET and Java Developer from Haryana, India who write programs for the Windows OS to make it more usable, more customizable and more stable. Multiple software of Paras have been featured by various International Magazines. Ultimate Windows Tweaker and FixWin are among his most noteworthy programs. He’s currently sstudyingfor his graduation from CDLU, Sirsa, India.

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